With plans in ashes there’s only one option

We’re not the only caravanners gripped with reluctance to travel at present. As Victorian grey nomads we prefer to leave our summer travels until the schools go back but then where do we go? We have two options: Somewhere that hasn’t burnt, either the central north or the west of the state. Or do we head to the eastern half of the state, most of which has been decimated by fires. Put it that way, the answer then is simple. This year it will be a fire ravaged area for both our safety and to bolster those broken communities. Surely … Continue reading With plans in ashes there’s only one option

Mulambin Mumblings – Doctor, doctor

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld Which we are told by the locals is pronounced M’lumb’n. Get your chops around that one.  Being back in a busier area (almost a city) I visit a doctor in Emu Park to check on my aches and pains from my unexpected examination of the bitumen on a dark night outside the 1770 pub. Which will forever more be known as my ‘pub squash’. It’s a bright modern practice with a fine painting of an emu gracing the wall. A charming young doctor (they’re all young at my age) tells me that I’ve got … Continue reading Mulambin Mumblings – Doctor, doctor

Service with a smile

2015 A rocky start to a Western Victoria tour As we head along Eastlink tollway we remark that the car feels like it is dragging the caravan and we don’t normally notice much difference when the van is on. It is then that we see the electric braking system flashing a warning. As we’d only had the van serviced three weeks earlier we turn off the tollway to the service centre in Dandenong. Yes, they tell us the brakes are locked on and the problem is not theirs but with the braking system and that would have to be checked … Continue reading Service with a smile

Power problems

May 2014, Lake Boga, Vic Woody checks the battery charger and discovers that it isn’t being charged by the caravan park mains power. This is interesting because not only ours but three other vans were having power problems when we first hooked up here. On top of that the park is having new electrical cabling put in. Something is amiss. We pop into Swan Hill for some new fuses but they don’t fix our problem so we may have to rule out free camping on the way home. Eventually we get enough charge from the car via our Anderson plug … Continue reading Power problems

Why cataract surgery can be dangerous for women

Anyone who has been following this blog for a while will know that I recently had cataract surgery. Now any woman who has had this procedure will tell you that the new lenses bring every speck of dirt and every cobweb, no matter how high your ceilings are, into sharp detail. My hair has been various shades of bottled blonde since I was in my thirties. OK, a long time. Even when we’re on the road I colour my hair, slapping on the chemicals and wrapping my head in plastic wrap. Last weekend I was cleaning the house and colouring … Continue reading Why cataract surgery can be dangerous for women

‘ard of ‘earing

Mar 2019, Bermagui, NSW For days now I’ve had a blocked left ear which is leaving me feeling like a duck with one foot nailed to the floor and wanting to walk in circles. Stone deaf in my left ear has meant that I’ve been sleeping really well but when it came to catching a fly in the caravan I had no idea where the buzzing blighter was. I even missed partaking in a local ukulele festival. By Monday I booked an appointment at the Bermagui medical centre and joined a throng of elderly surfers waiting to be attended to, … Continue reading ‘ard of ‘earing

Oh, oh, oh

Nov 2018 We service our van annually and after the last service we arrived home particularly tired and gave up trying to reverse park the van straight in the back yard. This morning we paid the price for being lackadaisical (now there’s a word I’ll bet you haven’t heard in a while). We forgot to lift one back leg that was close to the fence. As we drove away, the by then dragging leg jammed tight on the steepest part of the driveway. Bearing in mind that the van was on quite a slope Woody jacked the van up with … Continue reading Oh, oh, oh

An unwelcome guest

Nov 2018, Lake Bolac, Vic It is a warm still evening that doesn’t drop below 22˚c. Getting into bed Woody spots a hairy Huntsman* scurrying off the doona. We madly strip the bed and spray half a can of fly spray around the bed and into all the crevices while Woody stands naked in the kitchen stomping on my socks. When all is quiet, about an hour later I crawl into bed and revel in the fact that all of the hatches and windows are open and there is a gentle breeze flowing through the van. It would be lovely … Continue reading An unwelcome guest

Everything must have two uses

Apr, 2015, New Norcia, WA After a summery breakfast in the paddock campground at New Norcia Monastery in Western Australia, Dee does a fair job of ironing his fingers in the awning arm but quick thinking on Woody’s behalf sees him grab a wine bottle cooler sleeve from the freezer and shove Dee’s hand into it, the swelling soon goes down. Once again there’s that old adage of everything on the van must have two uses including the freezer. Continue reading Everything must have two uses