And down to the coast

Day 6, Monday 11th Nov 2013 Marysville – Melbourne The brass monkeys were out last night, it was a double doona night and we needed the heater for a while. We wake to a bright breezy morning. We bid our farewells to Marysville which is now crawling with tradesmen in fluoro shirts rebuilding the town. We have coffee at the Healesville Hotel coffee shop and head for home after a short but memorable trip. Towing Kms: 110Kms Summary 6 Days, 5 nights, 680kms, Fuel $249.65 ($41.61 per day), Accommodation $113.20 ($22.64 per night). Continue reading And down to the coast

The King Valley

Day 4, Saturday 9th Nov 2013 Mansfield – Whitfield We head out of town towards Whitfield and realise that we’re being passed by race cars. Then we notice a sign announcing that the road is now closed for most of the day. Whoops, our little caravan is in the middle of a car race! Quickly we turn the thing around and get the hell out of there. Of course, that means that instead of heading north up through the King Valley we must go first to Benalla then across to Oxley, and south down through the King valley to Whitfield. … Continue reading The King Valley