Changes in attitude, changes in latitude

Winter 2018 It’s easy to travel from cold to warmth, happily stripping down from jeans and jumpers to shorts and tee shirts, but after mooching about the tropics for nigh on three months we wonder how we’ll acclimatise to August the coldest month of winter in Melbourne. But nature has its way when it’s time to go as not only do we count down (or is it up?) the latitudes but there are ranges to cross, higher altitudes, lower altitudes and inland regions with cold freezing nights and delightfully warm days. We cross from latitude 16˚S to latitude 37˚S, through … Continue reading Changes in attitude, changes in latitude

Being fire aware

In a country with a myriad of climate zones planning to avoid the worst of the weather can be difficult. When we travel we try to avoid the coldest weather but sometimes that can be difficult when on our way home south through New South Wales and Victoria to Melbourne in late winter or early spring. The thought of bushfires sends shivers down my spine. Last September while we were complaining of the icy temperatures that we were experiencing in Gippsland, friends were racing home to avoid bushfires on the NSW south coast, not all that far away from us. … Continue reading Being fire aware

Clean up Oz

Winter 2018, Queensland On an afternoon walk on the beach I meet a woman with a large bag of rubbish which inspires me because the beach looks clean. In minutes I have found three cans and a styrofoam foam tray. I huff and puff trying to remove a chunk of fibreglass from the sand before realising that it may have been the whole boat. In future I’ll carry a knife to cut nets and rope from driftwood but I’m not going to dig up boats. Continue reading Clean up Oz

Get orf the road

If you want to see the best of what Australia has to offer get off the beaten track and for the non off-roaders I don’t necessarily mean hitting the dirt, just take the lesser roads. The B and C category roads that will take you through farmlands and tiny towns that need the support of visitors. You’ll have a much easier drive as the scenery is more interesting and you won’t have to contend with traffic and large trucks. Explore the valleys too. Take a wander into the Ovens Valley, the Kiewa, the Upper Goulburn, the Murray, the Mitta Mitta … Continue reading Get orf the road

Can’t sleep?

Some people count sheep, if I can’t sleep I count the towns that we’ve visited on the current trip. It works every time. Which reminds me of a story we heard in Karijini National Park in WA back in 2015: “At the (Karijini) visitor’s centre we learn about the history of the area and life for the Aborigines after the Europeans arrived. There is a delightful story about a woman who learned to count while mustering sheep, all 29,000 of them.” Continue reading Can’t sleep?