The Balladonia Roadhouse is an oasis in the woodlands on the western end of the Nullarbor plain in Western Australia. It has a great little museum that features NASA Skylab junk that crashed to earth around here in July 1979. As the spacecraft came down debris was scattered all the way from Balladonia to Esperance so the Esperance Shire cheekily sent NASA a $1400 fine for littering. Note: Esperance is 400kms away from Balladonia by road and probably half that by ‘aircraft’. Did NASA pay the fine? No. Continue reading Littering

Serendipitous moments and six degrees of separation

I’ve often mentioned in these pages that on our very first freedom camp foray, the first person that we met turned out to be a member of the caravan club that we obliviously later joined. We had travelled many thousands of kilometres with our mate Veewee before realising through Facebook that she was a friend of Woody’s cousin, then discovered that she and Woody were distantly related by marriage and have since found another genealogical link. I’m constantly amazed at how many people we meet on the road who have in some way crossed our paths in life before. There … Continue reading Serendipitous moments and six degrees of separation

Something in the air

One of the strangest things about caravanning is that each place feels different. Even when you’ve closed the blinds and locked the door at night, something in your sub-conscience knows that you’re in a different place from last night. Is it the smell or sounds barely audible? Is it the level of the van that almost always varies? Is it different insects making tiny sounds or something slightly climatic? Whatever combination it is, those changes do become pleasantly welcoming and addictive. Continue reading Something in the air