Driving tests at sea level

Hastings, Vic, May 2023 A blog post by Jacquie Lambert over at World Wide Walkies where she tells us about getting a heavy vehicle license, and a visit to the Hastings Westernport Historical Society jogged some very old memories this week. Having a few spare minutes before meeting with the ladies at the Historical Society I parked down by the jetty and did a quick rough sketch of the old fish shed that has been lovingly restored. You see, Hastings was a fishing village in the late 19th century and the daily catch was sent, as quickly as possible, up … Continue reading Driving tests at sea level

Making Decisions

Melbourne, Vic, Apr 2023 We had often said that we would give up caravanning if one of 3 things happened. If our health, that of the caravan, or car failed. Bearing in mind that Priscilla is our 2nd van and the Jeep Cherokee is our 3rd tow car. The Jeep was causing more worry and stress than actual breakdowns and with problems that couldn’t be replicated in a mechanic’s workshop. It only gave trouble when towing, sometimes a few 100kms from home but usually more than 1000kms, and we weren’t going to take the mechanic to the back of Bourke … Continue reading Making Decisions

Coughin’ Off to Broken Creek – Flash, flash & groan

Day 7 Saturday 25/03/2023 Broken Creek to Home After a coffee in the sun in the camp kitchen we head for home, I’m feeling much better, and we have yet another funeral to go to on Monday. On our way up here the Malfunction Indicator Light came on when we were driving on the flat. Which was unusual because it usually gives trouble on steep hills or undulating terrain. As soon as we unhitch it goes out. We’re not far south of Benalla when the tyre pressure indicator light comes on. We pull up and all tyres look fine. At … Continue reading Coughin’ Off to Broken Creek – Flash, flash & groan

Coughin’ Off to Broken Creek – Send her down Huey

Day 5 Thursday 23/03/2023 Broken Creek, warm & stormy Lunch today is at the nearby Goorambat Pub just a few k’s away. I’ve now lost my voice and still feel tired and snuffly. With everyone going to the pub, I crawl back under the covers in an effort to sleep it off. I’m warm as toast and quickly nod off. Then the phone rings, it’s I & S (not Legless and his good wife but the other I & S) they’re lost again and have gone to the wrong pub. “They’re at the Goorambat” I whisper. I think it’s time … Continue reading Coughin’ Off to Broken Creek – Send her down Huey