A Moveable Feast

This winters’ (2018) trip has been a fabulous trip for food. Starting with the winter warming curry pies from Grist Bakery at Kyneton only a few hours from home. The cumquats that we added brandy to at Cunnamulla and are now enjoying 4 months later. In Cairns it was fresh prawns, coral trout and Spanish mackerel from several seafood wholesalers. Along with red paw paw, juicy thin skinned mandarines and sweet giant passionfruit from Rusty’s Market. In Ingham it was Italian smallgoods, imported cheeses and an array of olives from Lou’s Food Emporium and bacon chops from the butcher next … Continue reading A Moveable Feast


If you are a regular follower of this blog you may have realised that we like our food, a lot. Whilst on the road we’re always on the lookout for local delicacies to savour. Regional produce like new seasons walnuts in Autumn from the Victorian Ovens Valley, fresh oysters from Coffin Bay and of course Woody couldn’t live without his freshly roasted coffee. We once drove thousands of kilometres for the smoked meats at Kilkivan in Qld and we weren’t disappointed. It works both ways too, as we often travel north with a freezer full of dim sims for Woody’s … Continue reading Delicacies

Staples to Keep On Board

We rarely leave the bitumen so supplies aren’t such an issue. All around Australia most towns these days have good supermarkets and I’m sure that even if our fridge/freezer broke down we’d still have enough food on board to keep us going for quite some time. Pasta, rice noodles, canned soup (there’s nothing better than soup on those cold wet nights when you are too tired to cook), rice (short grain and Arborio of course because Woody loves his risotto), small cans of tuna for lunches, sandwiches and salads. Tubs of tomato paste and bottles of passata. We always carry … Continue reading Staples to Keep On Board

Only in Melbourne!

I make a flying visit home for my Aunt’s 90th birthday and on my way back to the airport I swing past Springvale (a Melbourne suburb known for it’s Asian groceries) and pick up a couple of pieces of Lup Yook (cured pork that resembles a skinny brown cricket bat) for Woody’s traditional birthday feast. I shove it in the side of my backpack and forget about it. At airport security the ‘fertiliser guy’ (the bloke who wands you for nitro or explosives or such) happens to be a young Chinese Aussie. “Lup Yook!” he shouts in excitement to his … Continue reading Only in Melbourne!