Staples to Keep On Board

We rarely leave the bitumen so supplies aren’t such an issue. All around Australia most towns these days have good supermarkets and I’m sure that even if our fridge/freezer broke down we’d still have enough food on board to keep us going for quite some time.

Pasta, rice noodles, canned soup (there’s nothing better than soup on those cold wet nights when you are too tired to cook), rice (short grain and Arborio of course because Woody loves his risotto), small cans of tuna for lunches, sandwiches and salads. Tubs of tomato paste and bottles of passata. We always carry a few packs of dried peas to satisfy those childhood cravings (to us Surprise Peas = Camping) but when it comes to other longlife vegetables we choose canned. Corn, champignons, asparagus. Yes, I know some people will say “tut, tut but what about the weight?” but weight really isn’t such an issue as we only carry enough to keep our meals interesting.

In the Pantry

4 thoughts on “Staples to Keep On Board

  1. I think you’ve been caravanning long enough that you know exactly what you need in the pantry to be satisfied and comforted. I keep canned vegetables on hand at all time. Since they are usually canned at their peak, they are nutritious and a quick, easy way to add a vegetable to a meal Of course, they are not as good as those my mom bottled from our garden, but they’ll do.


  2. We too have our must haves in our caravan pantry, those items that we top up if they ever run out. While our list of items is different (peas are my least favourite food ever 🤢) there is something to be said for having some old reliables on board. Happy travels. May see you out there one day.


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