Almost Free Camp

Ardlethan is a pretty little town in southern NSW and just off the Newell Highway, about a kilometre from it actually. It is the home of the Kelpie. It has an IGA a few shops and the London Hotel. Best of all it has a free short stay caravan park in the heart of town with coin in the slot power at $2 for 12 hours. Now that’s worth pulling off the busy Newell Highway for. Continue reading Almost Free Camp

The Different Methods of Caravanning

We’re packing up after 4 days of freedom camping in a place where water is available. Which leads me to contemplate the variety of set ups that we can have. While we’re driving the fridge/freezer is powered by an Anderson Plug that draws power from the car. In a Caravan Park We connect to power and water. We also run a sullage (waste water) hose to the nearest waste outlet. We drop our van legs for stability. We unhook if we are going touring otherwise we request a drive through site and stay hooked on, saving the heavy work. For … Continue reading The Different Methods of Caravanning