The Different Methods of Caravanning

We’re packing up after 4 days of freedom camping in a place where water is available. Which leads me to contemplate the variety of set ups that we can have.

While we’re driving the fridge/freezer is powered by an Anderson Plug that draws power from the car.

In a Caravan Park

We connect to power and water. We also run a sullage (waste water) hose to the nearest waste outlet. We drop our van legs for stability. We unhook if we are going touring otherwise we request a drive through site and stay hooked on, saving the heavy work.

For cooking we can use the additional single electric burner on our stove or our portable hotplates on the table outside. The fridge, air conditioner, exhaust fan, lighting and TV will run on 240V electricity as do the microwave, coffee machine and hairdryer. The taps, shower and chemical toilet will use mains water when hooked up. If it’s cold we can use the electric blanket.

If we’re freedom camping and no services are available

We run a sullage hose out and away from the van, usually to a tree or shrub and move it regularly. We turn on the gas, drop the legs and unhook the car if we are staying more than one night. If it will be a long stay we hook up the solar panels to top up our batteries.

We cook inside on our gas stove, griller, and oven or outside on the pull out gas BBQ. The fridge runs on gas. The exhaust fan, lighting, a cooling fan above the bed and TV all run on 12V power from the batteries. The taps, shower and chemical toilet use water from two 90 litre tanks mounted under the van. As bottled drinking water is relatively cheap these days, we use that for drinking and cooking rather than monitor our tanks for water purity.

Which all boils down to the fact that when freedom camping we don’t have a microwave, hairdryer, coffee machine, electric blanket or air conditioner. But we do have the cooling fan. We use an Italian stove top coffee pot to satisfy our caffeine addiction. We have a hot water bottle on cold nights and when a nice cup of tea is needed there’s always the whistling kettle.

If there is one sound that identifies with freedom camping it’s the whistle of the kettle and if you hear one in the distance another will shortly follow.


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