Get a load of this

We take a couple of mates out to our new favourite watering hole, the Ky West Hotel near Tongala in northern Victoria. It’s a warm day and we’re enjoying the hospitality of the pub when the farmer across the road decides to spread fertiliser. Around and round he goes and on each pass the pub is shrouded in smelly dust and visibility drops to zero. I don’t know about the quality of the soil but the barman is growing angry. Continue reading Get a load of this

Ky West Hotel

Here’s a small watering hole that most people wouldn’t even notice when passing even though it’s been here since 1896. In bowling green flat land crossed by irrigation channels, acres of corn and dairy cows ‘cos this is known as cow cockie country. Pull up out front, give the door a shove and you’ll be greeted by a friendly bunch of locals and a bloke called Wayne manning the beer taps. Where is it? West of Kyabram in Victoria and a few minutes south of Echuca. Continue reading Ky West Hotel