Eating with Brolgas

When we’ve pulled into the Kynuna (Qld) Roadhouse the two very funny ladies who run it have warned us not to feed the brolgas and no sooner had we parked the van than a brolga wandered over and took ownership of us. We were warned “When you leave the toilet close the door the brolgas poop in there and then people complain when they step in it. They don’t like brolga poop between their toes.” Thus I’m now eating lunch while a big grey brolga peers through the window at me, I daren’t eat outside or else I’ll lose my … Continue reading Eating with Brolgas

Blue Heeler Hotel

Some pubs in the outback like the Blue Heeler Hotel in Kynuna, Qld have very narrow doors, we just assumed that people were smaller in the old days. But hell no, it was to stop you from riding your horse into the bar. Spoil sports. The Blue Heeler Hotel has been here since the 1860’s when it was a Cobb and Co coaching stop and the gnarly old floor boards look like they’re original. If that’s not enough this hotel was where the shearers celebrated during the great shearer’s strike of 1894 when they set fire to the woolshed at … Continue reading Blue Heeler Hotel

Social Media

There is a great phone app called Wikicamps that has become the campers’ bible. Not only does it give details, pictures and prices of camp sites and caravan parks but folks can upload their personal comments. This is invaluable as you can get a good idea as to whether a great spot is perhaps a little too dusty in the dry season or perhaps over crowded at present. We leave the van out front and walk into the roadhouse / van park, which by the way is 150kms from anywhere in either direction. One of the ladies in charge shouts … Continue reading Social Media