Go West, Day 42 – New Norcia

Day 42 Friday 17th April 2015 Gwelup to New Norcia In half an hour we’ve left Perth’s neat, bright, clean and orderly suburbs behind us. The road is quite narrow and busy. Large trucks whoosh past and before we know it we’ve lost another mirror. So much for the new clips especially made for Jeep mirrors. That $13 insurance policy has just cost us another $149. New Norcia, Amazing Place (rhyme it with Amazing Grace) is a Benedictine monastery ‘town’, for want of a better description. Established in 1847 by the Spanish monk Rosendo Salvado. According to its orders the community … Continue reading Go West, Day 42 – New Norcia

Everything must have two uses

Apr, 2015, New Norcia, WA After a summery breakfast in the paddock campground at New Norcia Monastery in Western Australia, Dee does a fair job of ironing his fingers in the awning arm but quick thinking on Woody’s behalf sees him grab a wine bottle cooler sleeve from the freezer and shove Dee’s hand into it, the swelling soon goes down. Once again there’s that old adage of everything on the van must have two uses including the freezer. Continue reading Everything must have two uses

Amazing Grace, Amazing Place, New Norcia, WA

I find it difficult to write about New Norcia as it took me by surprise. It was a town that had been on my bucket list for a very long time and we just hadn’t had the time to venture so far out of Perth during more rushed holidays. But caravanning is a timeless way of travelling and distances, especially as small as 140kms, mean little. To say that New Norcia it is a monastery town is probably the most accurate description, but it is an understatement. New Norcia is a place that has to be seen to be believed. … Continue reading Amazing Grace, Amazing Place, New Norcia, WA