Go West, Day 60 – Ningaloo Reef

Day 60 Tuesday 5th May 2015, cool very windy Exmouth to Osprey campground, Cape Range Nat Park A southerly blew strongly overnight making it hard to sleep. On TV the Perth weather girl is wearing a jumper and complaining about … Continue reading Go West, Day 60 – Ningaloo Reef

Top Spot!

I am so captivated by the rock formations at Osprey beach and Camp Ground on the Ningaloo coast that each day I scramble head down across the rocks taking photos of fossilised coral and watching my every foothold carefully for fear of being shredded on the coral outcrops. Suddenly a French voice says “Elloo”. I raise my head and all that I can see is a perfectly tanned bare breast. “Top spot” I mumble and stumble off to leave her sunbaking in peace. I’m still wondering how she managed to balance her chair on the rocks.   Continue reading Top Spot!