Go West, Day 53 – Shark Bay

Day 53 Tuesday 28th April 2015 warm, breezy Denham, Shark Bay The horizon is tinged with pink when we bounce out of bed for the short drive across the peninsula to Monkey Mia for the dolphin feeding. The whole dolphin experience takes about an hour but the feeding lasts about ten minutes. It’s a battle of wits between the guides who are stretching out the feeding over several sessions and the Dolphins who nudge and cavort for attention. The Ollies spot a turtle as well, which is more interesting as we don’t see those at home. Breakfast calls and we … Continue reading Go West, Day 53 – Shark Bay

Well Salted

      At Shark Bay in WA, we swim at Little Lagoon just out of the town of Denham. It is one and a half times more salty than normal sea water and it is impossible to stay on the bottom. On a warm afternoon, we and others are bobbing about like corks. Nearby Shell Beach is home to millions of tiny Fragum cockle shells. They say there are 4000 per square metre but how did they arrive at that figure did they weigh them or count them? The water here is twice as salty as normal sea water. Any … Continue reading Well Salted