Go West, Day 54 – Shark Bay

Day 54

Wednesday 29th April 2015


The main street of Denham, WA looking westwards

There’s nothing as good as a third day, when the washing is done and the floor is as clean as it’s gonna get. The sightseeing is ticked off and the trek becomes a holiday. No driving, lots of reading and gazing and slowing down. Yes, nothing is as good as a third day, except a fourth day. Do we have to leave here?

Church at Denham, WA built from shell grit bricks
The boys are intrigued by the shell grit bricks
Shell grit is the most popular building material

Bright, glary, squinty. A warm breeze. Shades of blue, boats and salt. Salt air, butterflies, fish and fishing and fishermen. Stunning sunsets. Pink dirt. Colours all out of whack. Dirk Hartog island across the bay. Does that sum this place up?

We swim at Little Lagoon just out of town, it is one and a half times more salty than normal sea water and it is impossible to stay on the bottom. We and others bob about like corks.

Accom: $35.88

Travelling Kms: 0

Little Lagoon Denham
Little Lagoon near Denham, WA. I wonder if the car would float?


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