Go West, Day 53 – Shark Bay

Day 53

Tuesday 28th April 2015 warm, breezy

Denham, Shark Bay

The horizon is tinged with pink when we bounce out of bed for the short drive across the peninsula to Monkey Mia for the dolphin feeding. The whole dolphin experience takes about an hour but the feeding lasts about ten minutes. It’s a battle of wits between the guides who are stretching out the feeding over several sessions and the Dolphins who nudge and cavort for attention. The Ollies spot a turtle as well, which is more interesting as we don’t see those at home. Breakfast calls and we speed back across the red dunes to the most scrumptious curry puffs from the bakery.

Monkey Mia, WA. I think I should have photographed the curry puffs instead.

The Denham Post Office can best be described as a mixed business. As well as the local post office it is also a newsagent, gift shop, toy shop and chemist all rolled into one. Surprisingly, there is even a pharmacist on duty and the crutches are over next to the Express Post bags. Of course.

We return to Eagle Bluff and I spot something that resembles a long grey submarine slowly trawling the sea grass. Reckon I’ve just found my first dugong but trying to get a photo whilst bedecked in a fly net is another story.

Eagle Bluff, trying to shoot dugong wearing a fly net, the black spots are flies on the lens

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