A Dinner Worth its Weight in Gold

I was writing a piece on the high incidence of gold discovery in Australian towns when friends invited us to visit the Tarnagulla Strictly Vintage Fair. I was keen to take part in the celebrations as this is such an interesting and lesser known town in the Victorian Goldfields. Our mate ‘R’ who was born and bred in Tarnagulla organised dinner at the only pub, The Golden Age, for a few mates who are  Old Tarnagullans and who now all live in Melbourne, though some like ‘R’ have smallholdings in the goldfields. …The front bar is crowded and a guitarist … Continue reading A Dinner Worth its Weight in Gold

Genealogy on the Road

This post has been inspired by a story that I read that was written by a gentleman by the name of Leland who writes a blog called My Mixed Blog https://lghoelson.wordpress.com. Leland’s particular story that inspired me was ‘Family Dinner Out’ in which a long departed Great Grandfather appears at a family dinner. I too wonder what my ancestors would think of how we lead our lives today. Ancestors who arrived in this country with little more than the clothes on their backs and walked hundreds of miles to the goldfields in search of gold, just enough gold to ensure … Continue reading Genealogy on the Road


Stillness, quiet the smell of dust in the air. Cold clear nights, cold noses under a million stars. Dry grass, cracked earth the ground peppered with quartz. Striped gums, yellow gums pepper trees laden with pink corns. Kangaroos alert, feeding mobs of bounding roos. Galahs grazing, chattering flocks wheeling overhead. Gumnuts, slivers of bark a carpet of dry leaves. Stillness, quiet in the tall spindly, silent grey bush.  – © Lindsey Wood, ifh2015 Continue reading Tarnagulla