Genealogy on the Road

This post has been inspired by a story that I read that was written by a gentleman by the name of Leland who writes a blog called My Mixed Blog

Leland’s particular story that inspired me was ‘Family Dinner Out’ in which a long departed Great Grandfather appears at a family dinner.

I too wonder what my ancestors would think of how we lead our lives today. Ancestors who arrived in this country with little more than the clothes on their backs and walked hundreds of miles to the goldfields in search of gold, just enough gold to ensure a better life than the one that they had left behind.

Australian goldfields are a constant fascination for history buffs. To me the Victorian goldfields are almost spiritual, time and again we return and I just want to sit and breathe the hot dry air and smell the bush, the dust and the eucalypts and try to envisage what life was like for our ancestors.

Alfred Williams was born in Wales in 1851, he arrived in Port Adelaide at the age of three. The family travelled overland to Sandy Creek (now Tarnagulla) in Victoria where they mined for gold. The family at this time would most likely have been living in canvas tents. Little is known of our ancestor Alfred as he died at the age of 39 and is buried in the now derelict Pioneer’s Cemetery in nearby Dunolly.

Old Pioneer’s Cemetery, Dunolly

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