It’s a long way to the top, Day 64 – Waltzing with Matilda in our hearts

Day 64 Friday Aug 8th 2014 Kynuna to Winton Our peaceful night was punctuated by the increasing then fading roar of road trains as they thundered through the night. By 6:30am the roadhouse is open for business again and trading … Continue reading It’s a long way to the top, Day 64 – Waltzing with Matilda in our hearts

Blue Heeler Hotel

Some pubs in the outback like the Blue Heeler Hotel in Kynuna, Qld have very narrow doors, we just assumed that people were smaller in the old days. But hell no, it was to stop you from riding your horse into the bar. Spoil sports. The Blue Heeler Hotel has been here since the 1860’s when it was a Cobb and Co coaching stop and the gnarly old floor boards look like they’re original. If that’s not enough this hotel was where the shearers celebrated during the great shearer’s strike of 1894 when they set fire to the woolshed at … Continue reading Blue Heeler Hotel

Waltzing Matilda

To say that I’m emotional is an understatement. Just south of Kynuna we turn off the Landsborough (Matilda) Highway to pay homage to the Combo Waterhole. There is 8kms of good dirt road then a two and a half kilometre walk through paddocks of Mitchell grass and through billabongs. As we walk in we pass a bunch of old blokes (our age) with towels, they’ve just been in for a swim. This is part of the Diamantina River and the billabongs have been cleverly dammed with large stones to maintain water during the dry. The dams are called overshots and … Continue reading Waltzing Matilda