It’s a long way to the top, Day 14 – A hat dance round the headland

Day 14 Thursday June 19th 2014 Iluka (Woody Head) It is cool and overcast. It was warm last night but it appears that it rained. Nothing would have woken us. After breakfast we clamber over the rocky headland to where … Continue reading It’s a long way to the top, Day 14 – A hat dance round the headland

Taking Out the Garbage

Another morning in the National Park camp ground at Woody Head in NSW, I wake up to the sound of something being dragged across the ground. We have been warned about goannas (that’s a bloody big lizard, for the uninitiated) in the National Park but they didn’t tell us about the ingenuity of the Brush Turkeys. This busy little guy has pulled our rubbish bag out of the bucket and he is dragging it around and pecking at the plastic trying to get the food scraps out. Continue reading Taking Out the Garbage

Woody Head

At Iluka, NSW which is opposite Yamba on the mouth of the Clarence, we choose to stay at the Woody Head camp ground in the Bundjalung National Park. The camp ground is in a sheltered basin overlooking the ocean and surrounded by World Heritage rain forest. We set up on a large level site and have lunch with a wild turkey and a couple of old ducks. There are a lot of people camped here but it is incredibly quiet, except for the screeching of the lorikeets and the pounding of the surf. Back at camp we enjoy the solitude … Continue reading Woody Head