It’s a long way to the top, Day 14 – A hat dance round the headland

Day 14 Thursday June 19th 2014 Iluka (Woody Head)

It is cool and overcast. It was warm last night but it appears that it rained. Nothing would have woken us. After breakfast we clamber over the rocky headland to where we can see the Norfolk pines of Yamba. It is spitting with rain. The headland is thick with vines and pandanus trees. Amongst the rocks the small patches of sand are a feast of small shells, Zebras and pretty pink Barnacles. Like Urunga there are wash lines of pumice stone in the sand.

The camp is spotless and a credit to the rangers, as I write a ranger is cleaning the amenities block and whistling the “Mexican Hat Dance” as he goes. The fishing must be good here as most camps have a heap of gear, one even has his rods set out like an angling shop and all under cover. On the rocky beach out front there are sea gulls, pelicans, oyster catchers, beach stone curlews (big birds with dopey looks on their faces) and little things that dart about madly that I can’t identify.

It rains lightly all afternoon but it isn’t cold and perfect for beachcombing. The weather clears by evening so we cook dinner over the fire. The sky becomes perfectly clear as our neighbours from Caboolture join us by the fire for the evening. Bats chatter in the trees above us.

Travelling Kms: 0

Tide lines of pumice stone, Woody Head
Bundjalung National Park

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