The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s 2014 and we are camped in Port Douglas, Qld. We have neighbours who appear not to be all that compatible. She sits outside smoking and he can’t drag himself away from the TV inside. We refer to them as “The Bold & the Beautiful” and wonder how long they’ll last on the road together. We drive up to Cooktown and are thrilled that we have three whole days to spend there as it is an unusual town. We run into “The Bold & the Beautiful” and they are having a puncture repaired. They are unsure of how long the … Continue reading The Bold and the Beautiful

Pink elephants? Never!

Our mate El Prado and his dear lady Elle spent a few days at the Jamieson Caravan Park recently. One evening they walked across town to a little restaurant called Mingo’s for dinner, which they tell us is well worth the visit. After an evening of most pleasant inebriation they left the restaurant for the stroll home in the warm evening air. Suddenly a large pig of about 250 – 300kg loomed out of the dark with a certain attraction for our mate El Prado. Much oinking, snuffling and nudging ensued before they reached the safety of their caravan, their … Continue reading Pink elephants? Never!

Me Back’s Buggered

We’re waiting at the Mansfield hospital to see a doctor. Both full of a chest infection and coughing our heads off it is indeed nice to lie down for a few minutes and just doze. In the opposite corner of the ward a woman’s voice complains to the nurse “Me back’s buggered.” It’s funny how things are triggered in your mind and my mind suddenly lurches back to Christmas Day in the late 90’s when we took our sick friend to Cobram hospital up on the Murray River and we returned to camp laughing our heads off at someone else’s … Continue reading Me Back’s Buggered

The Fisho’s Missus

The one commercial fisherman sells fish from his home in Wyndham and we have a hankering for a prawn lunch. We walk through the cyclone wire gate, across the dirt yard, between the mangrove tree, dog and an old bath tub on the right and the front end loader and dead car body on top of an orange shipping container on our left into the workshop. We step around the trail bike in bits on the floor and there’s the fisho’s missus packing up fish for the freezer. “Welcome to the processing works” she says. And this front yard is … Continue reading The Fisho’s Missus