Goulburn Weir

In the Spring it is a pleasant drive through golden canola fields from Nagambie, Vic to the Goulburn Weir. Australia’s Irrigation scheme was the brainchild of later to become Prime Minister Alfred Deakin. Built of large granite blocks the Goulburn Weir was opened in 1891 and was the first ‘diversion structure’ in the scheme. Water from the Goulburn River is diverted from here into the Stuart Murray Canal which flows north to Rushworth and the Waranga Basin. When the weir opened it housed one of the Southern hemisphere’s first hydro-electric schemes which attracted tourists to marvel at the ‘illumination’. A … Continue reading Goulburn Weir

Why Women Must Learn to Tow

All it takes is a stumble and one of you can be out of action. When I suddenly found myself sitting on my ankle on a well maintained National Park pathway no one would have been more surprised than me. But a broken ankle meant that poor Woody had a three thousand kilometre drive with no assistance except for a whingeing navigator with her leg propped on a cushion. Now imagine if that had been Woody with the broken ankle and if I wasn’t able to tow the caravan. We really would have been up that proverbial creek. Someone once … Continue reading Why Women Must Learn to Tow