The Stuff of Legend

This mural on a wall in Alexandra, Vic reminded me of a record that was once talked about in households across the nation. “In 1930 Charlie Heard created the longest continuous taxi fare in the world by taking three lady passengers to Darwin and return to Melbourne via Brisbane.” Continue reading The Stuff of Legend

Climate Change

One of the things that one must consider when caravanning is the constant climate change and the need to carry clothing and bedding to suit all seasons. A decent day’s drive can mean that you’ve travelled from winter to summer sometimes without realising it. Thus, on a hot night in Bowen, Qld a male voice loudly declares, “We’ve got 2 doonas, 3 blankets and all we need is a sheet!” Yeah and I’ll bet he blames his wife for the van being overweight. Continue reading Climate Change

The Reverend David Campbell

Winter 2014 After crossing the Hunter River by ferry from the perfectly situated Stockton Beach Holiday Park our day on foot in Newcastle is to be spent chasing our travelling needs. Newcastle is a hilly city and it throws up some interesting sights. Fuelled with fresh coffee we need a supermarket and the nearest is in Newcastle West, thanks to Google Maps we’re off along King Street and we spot an interesting looking hilly garden. Up the stairs we go. It is the old churchyard of the Christ Church Cathedral and each step bears the inscription from a long gone … Continue reading The Reverend David Campbell

Just to Save a Buck

August 2014 We’re in western Qld and neighbours at the back of the roadhouse are Melburnians desperate for a good coffee but too tight to pay $20 for a powered overnight site. So they lug their coffee machine over to the picnic table and plug into a free power point there. Such a hassle when the poor old roadhouse owners are struggling to make a buck out here anyway. Woody calls these types ‘Tight Arse Tuesdays’. Continue reading Just to Save a Buck