Copi Hollow

The Menindee Lakes are situated 100 kms east of Broken Hill in New South Wales and are a part of the Darling River system. We visited in the Spring of 2012 and camped on one of the smallest of the lakes called Copi Hollow. We were captivated by the variety of scenery, the friendly locals and diverse wildlife. The fishermen around us were flat out catching and cleaning the fish that were jumping and plopping in the lake behind our van. Then there were the sunsets and sunrises…

Copi Hollow, NSW
Copi Hollow, NSW
Copi Hollow, NSW
Copi Hollow, NSW

11 thoughts on “Copi Hollow

  1. We were at Menindee last year and saw the dam, I felt it was quite shocking how little water there is in the lakes now. We passed acres of vines that had just been abandoned they must have lost their water allocation. Maybe the flow last year was unusually poor.


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