Kenilworth Showgrounds

There is no caravan park in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Kenilworth, Qld, they don’t need one. The showgrounds are huge and well maintained. When we arrive Brian the caretaker is moving his van under the newly renovated house that comes with the job. Given Queenslanders passion for moving buildings hither and thither I wonder where they moved the house from? We are backed up to colourful bromeliad gardens. There are brand new toilets and showers are just a short walk away. Across the street is Jocks and Frocks laundromat. The brightly painted shops of town are busy and … Continue reading Kenilworth Showgrounds

A Caravanner’s Business Lunch

We eat our fresh baked rolls (from Hearthfire Organic Bakery) stuffed with last night’s leftover lamb, in the sun at the Bellingen Showgrounds in the Coffs Coast hinterland. Now I’d classify this as a Caravanner’s Business Lunch as we’re actually checking out the condition of the showgrounds. With mown lawns, autumn leaves and nice clean amenities it ticks all the boxes. Continue reading A Caravanner’s Business Lunch

Trotting along and dragging a leg

The Morisset Showgrounds just north of Sydney make for an easy and economical stop on the Central Coast. Loads of grass and spotless amenities and you can back up to the trotting track if you wish. Managed by cheery Jason and Kylie who are both experienced caravaners and understand the needs of their guests. Jason lights a campfire in the evening for a yarn and there’s always the big shed for shelter from the rain. On a bright clear Sydney morning we chat with a 65 year old ‘on Panadol nowadays’ horse trainer and the trotter that he is training, … Continue reading Trotting along and dragging a leg

Where are we?

The showgrounds market is just packing up for the day and the place appears to be somewhat disorganized. There are a lot of horse stables that, by the amount of fresh manure must be in regular use. The van parking area is in a fenced paddock off to one side and there must be thirty vans of all shapes and sizes, but mostly large. Beside us we have a magnificent Winnebago with slide outs and probably worth half a million dollars. On the other side is a somewhat messy van with an old bloke sitting in the sun on a straight backed … Continue reading Where are we?

Beautiful Bellingen

The Bellingen, NSW showgrounds are quite grassy and in need of a good mow when we call in (2013) but there are clean amenities, toilets and showers, power and water. It is a lovely spot and the rainforest is right behind us. The town is only a short walk away across the causeway and there are a couple of other vans around us. The warm afternoon sun is too good to waste so we settle back with a wine and a book. As the evening draws in our neighbour begins to strum his guitar and he is certainly quite proficient, … Continue reading Beautiful Bellingen