Just to Save a Buck

August 2014

We’re in western Qld and neighbours at the back of the roadhouse are Melburnians desperate for a good coffee but too tight to pay $20 for a powered overnight site. So they lug their coffee machine over to the picnic table and plug into a free power point there. Such a hassle when the poor old roadhouse owners are struggling to make a buck out here anyway. Woody calls these types ‘Tight Arse Tuesdays’.

A crack in the windscreen Matilda Highway, western Queensland

5 thoughts on “Just to Save a Buck

  1. That’s funny. I’m amazed at how much effort, and cost, some people go to, in order to “save” a few bucks. I’ve seen a few things plugged into the power points in amenities blocks, but not a coffee machine…yet.

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