There’s No Need to Rush

We often hear seniors talking about having travelled 500 kilometres in a day, falling into bed then doing it all again the next day and the day after. Not only do you miss out on seeing the sights but you miss the good spots at free camps and you run the risk of hitting wildlife that feeds at dusk and dawn. We call this roo time. Why not sleep in, have a lazy breakfast then enjoy your journey. When you’re retired, every day is a Saturday, right? What’s the rush? Continue reading There’s No Need to Rush

Railway Hotel, Dunolly

Spring 2016 The Railway Hotel, yes another one, in the main street of Dunolly is thankfully back in business after having been closed for a year or so. They’re advertising $1 pots until the first goal is kicked in tomorrow’s AFL Grand Final. That should bring the locals in. Back at our friend’s farm we draw the blinds and watch the Western Bulldogs beat the Sydney Swans for their second only Premiership. The first goal isn’t kicked until 12 minutes into the First Quarter and that’s a long while in fast paced Aussie Rules. I wonder how the new publican … Continue reading Railway Hotel, Dunolly

The Wally Pub

Spring 2013 As we enter the mountain encircled hamlet of Walhalla there is a Nova caravan invitingly parked on the lawn amongst the white English daises looking just like an advertisement for caravanning. We have lunch at the Wally Pub sitting on the veranda in the sunshine. There is a flowering plum tree beside us and the pink petals are floating on the warm breeze and drifting through the pub door like confetti. The bees are buzzing and black butterflies are alighting on the blossom. The boys choose a mountainous mixed grill and we girls have an almost as big … Continue reading The Wally Pub