And the winner is…Wild Rye

Mar 2019, Pambula, NSW We stop at Pambula, NSW as El Prado has heard that there is a good pie shop here. A pretty good reason to stop I’d say. Wild Rye bakers and coffee roasters are amazing and everything that we buy, bread, cakes and freshly roasted coffee beans to top up our travelling supplies is delicious. Toothless tucks into a Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Pie. I’m not sure if this is breakfast or morning tea but Woody and I choose to share an Almond Croissant which shoots to the top of our Almond Croissant leader board, yes, we’re … Continue reading And the winner is…Wild Rye

RIP Gabbi Garmin

Our trusty GPS has packed it in! Gone to God! Carked it! Turned up her toes and faded to grey! As much as I love a good map and could while away many hours reading a map, any map, we are missing Gabbi Garmin awfully, her nagging and of course her satellite capabilities when we haven’t got a phone signal. Her creative directing that once sent us into the middle of some poor farmer’s sugar cane field out the back of Mackay while sheets of rain thumped down and she shouted at us to “Do a U turn when possible!”. … Continue reading RIP Gabbi Garmin


Mar 2019, somewhere in South Eastern NSW Just before Eden a lyrebird scoots across the highway in front of us. A whoosh of brown with his magnificent long tail trailing behind. That’s four that we’ve now seen in our caravanning travels and all too fast to be photographed. Elusive, is the best description for those little buggers. But even more curious is the fact that they can mimic many other sounds so if you hear a chainsaw in the bush it just might be a cheeky lyrebird exercising his vocal cords.   Continue reading Lyrebirds

The Aldi 7 speed camp chairs

Recently Aldi had a special on camping equipment. This is an event that happens a couple of times a year and sends even the most frugal of caravanners into a state of excitement. When we started this particular jaunt Toothless and his Missus rocked up with brand new Aldi Adventuridge camp chairs. These chairs have 7 different seating positions which they both took great joy in demonstrating at each happy hour. With these sort of shenanigans is it any wonder Elle stows her gin in her bra? By the end of the trip Aldi had sold us another four chairs! … Continue reading The Aldi 7 speed camp chairs