Breakdown Blues – Day 81 – Bon Voyage

Aug 2022, Mulambin, Qld After travelling together for more than two months, the Prado’s hit the road but not before they jiggle the van around a palm tree. You see, they parked up 6 weeks ago and opened the kitchen window to air the van out. The window was touching a palm tree and is of the kind that you must push out further before pulling it in. They decided to leave the window open for the duration. Now they must gently manoeuvre the van forward before they can close the window. Oh, the troubles we get ourselves into. Woody … Continue reading Breakdown Blues – Day 81 – Bon Voyage

Breakdown Blues – Days 63 – 65 – Billella

Aug 2022, Mulambin, Qld It’s a funny old day, warm and humid but the rain front passes to the south of us. They’re really copping a wet winter down in Brisbane. One of the staff reckons that it only rains at night here in winter. I think we’ve found Camelot.Woody goes into Yeppoon to the farmers market and returns with pastries and deliciously nutty cornbread from Baked On 44. The cornbread makes excellent sandwiches but is even better toasted the next day with peanut butter on top. R and S try to extend their stay here but there are no … Continue reading Breakdown Blues – Days 63 – 65 – Billella