Everybody’s talkin’ at me

Tiny cotton bushes line the Kidman Way with healthy balls of cotton on them. We buy meat at Milnes Butchery in Hillston, NSW and the butcher is so proud of his caramelised onion sausages that he opens the bag wide for Elle to smell them. Back on the road it’s hard work being a navigator as our next camp isn’t easy to find. To make things worse there is a lot of chatter on the CB radio. There are warnings to give our mates behind of ‘roos and emus and carcasses on the road. Woody keeps asking where the turnoff … Continue reading Everybody’s talkin’ at me

Breaker, breaker

We leave Tom Price and take the road to Karijini National Park. We soon meet up with a large piece of equipment being transported to one of the outlying mines. There are more mines out here than you can shake a stick at. A voice comes on the CB and says “5 metres at the blade, 4 on the wheels”. After we’ve gone past, the escort vehicle has trouble raising our mates on the radio and then we hear “first caravan can you tell your mate to buy a bloody radio!” The truckie then comes back on the radio and says “See … Continue reading Breaker, breaker

Quicker than Google

As we drive into Maryborough (pronounced Marybra) ‘D’ is excited as she has just spotted the Aldi supermarket and we haven’t seen one in weeks having been out in the sticks. The boys get to wondering aloud where the Dan Murphy liquor store is when a voice comes over the air “there’s a Dan Murphy’s in Richmond Street.” Yes, these UHF radios sure are handy. Continue reading Quicker than Google


We’re travelling through Queensland in convoy with friends. Moura is a purpose built coal mining town, neat, tidy and quite spread out. As we leave town we pass the Queensland Nitrogen Plant. Being city slickers and wondering what this large plant is and what QNP stands for, we get to chatting over the UHF radio with our friends. Suddenly a voice comes on the air and explains. “It’s Nitro.”  We’ve all drawn a blank and asked “what’s Nitro?” “Fuckin’ fertiliser mate.” Says the voice. These UHF radios are really handy. Continue reading QNP