Let’s get the hell outta here!

Day 5, Tuesday 7th May 2013, Let’s get the hell outta here

The morning is a much more agreeable 6 degrees. But the rain starts to sprinkle as we pack up. As we leave the camp the cat is soaking up the last of the warmth under the brazier while he waits for the next arrivals.

Soaking up the last of the warmth

Thoughts on the campground

We paid $30 per night. There is no town water. There’s river and tank water only that must be boiled first. The amenities block is of old cinder block construction, with no hot water at the hand basins or hand drying facilities, paper towels, or hand dryers, this makes for very icy fingers on a cold wintry night. As this is a family picnic park during the day the toilets are open but the showers are locked behind an unattractive cyclone wire gate. I guess this keeps those pesky visitors in order. There is a bucket and mop for the shower floors, but no water or disinfectant in it. In our block, there were two showers sharing one drain that was slow running, so you have to stand in someone else’s water. At least it keeps your feet warm.

There is no camp kitchen and the BBQ beside us is out of order. When working the BBQ can be used for a $1 fee. Heaven knows how long the dollar would last! We paid $5 for the brazier and $8 for a load of wood that only lasted one night.

Our visitors paid $2 each for the privilege of visiting us and any extra cars that we may have had, would have been charged $5 per day extra.

A pretty spot, but we won’t be returning anytime soon!


5 days, 4 nights

Total Kms: 165kms

Fuel: $34.89

Accom: $120.00

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