Winter 2015 We pull into the Billabong Roadhouse in WA for fuel and I’m taken aback. They’re selling healthy food and the toilets are spotless! A bloke tries to walk in with a cockie (Cockatoo) on his shoulder and is smartly refused entry for health reasons. Bring back the good old days I say when a roadhouse smelt of dirty cooking oil, all of the food was fried, the toilets were vile and one had to wipe one’s feet on the way out! Continue reading Roadhouses

Coombah Roadhouse

The Coombah roadhouse is the only roadhouse or in fact commercial building on the 266 kilometres of Silver City Highway between Wentworth and Broken Hill in south western NSW. This used to be known as the ‘Crystal Highway’ because of the amount of broken windscreen glass on the road but windscreens are better constructed these days. To break the monotony on this long straight north south highway, emus dash across the road when you least expect it. Whilst driving one tends to say “oh look there’s an emu running beside us” and before you know it he’s dashing across the … Continue reading Coombah Roadhouse

Why Do Some People Always Complain?

So often people complain about the cost of fuel or caravan parks in remote areas without sparing a thought for the difficulty in providing the things that we take for granted on the East coast. We recently stayed at remote Nullarbor Road house 295km from Ceduna and 905km from Norseman. The water there is artesian that must be pumped from seventy metres below and then desalinated. They use 11,000 litres per day. Then there’s the electricity. It comes from three diesel generators out in the paddock and kindly located far enough away that you and I don’t have our precious … Continue reading Why Do Some People Always Complain?