The Royal Standard

Mar, 2019, Toora, Vic The tiny milk factory town of Toora (If you’re old enough you may remember Tooralac powdered milk) seems to be battling for survival but it’s grand old pub, The Royal Standard Hotel, is certainly punching above its weight. A herd of us dropped in for a Friday night dinner and we weren’t disappointed by the menu. The seafood platter for one is big enough for two. The fish is locally caught and the meat supplied by nearby Foster butcher Prom Meats (whose sausages I’m sure I’ve written about in the past). Yes, good sausages do deserve … Continue reading The Royal Standard

Juddy’s Hut

Juddy’s Hut is a miner’s cottage in Jamieson, Vic. Like so many of that era (1933) it was built from salvaged materials, note the heavy use of corrugated iron even in the chimney. And the name? Well Jack ‘Juddy’ Hampton lived in the hut for 30 years.  There is more to the story of Juddy though as he fought in World War One. He was accidentally bayonetted in the stomach by a Frenchman while fighting at Paschendaele. After his home was flooded in the 1950’s for the new Lake Eildon, Juddy moved into this hut and resided here until the … Continue reading Juddy’s Hut

Scott Reserve

Feb 2019, Scott Reserve, Woods Point, Vic On the outskirts of Woods Point, high up in the Victorian Alps you’ll find Scott Reserve. The Mansfield Woods Point Road is steep, narrow and winding up here and I wouldn’t fancy towing a caravan in, but this pretty little campground is perfectly suited to tents and camper trailers. The reserve is flanked by the Goulburn River which is a tiny stream this high up in the mountains and shaded by tall Mountain Ash. There are picnic tables, a long drop toilet and river access. Continue reading Scott Reserve