Gang Gang Cockatoos

Feb 2019, Skipworth Reserve, Jamieson, Vic It’s always exciting to see an unusual bird and even better to get a chance to photograph them. I find Black Cockatoos elusive and always flying too high. Last year I had my first glimpse of a pair of Major Mitchell Cockatoos near Bourke, but it was only fleeting. These cheeky guys however visited us on two nights to feast on what looked like a Hawthorn bush. They were near enough to distinguish their dark grey plumage and distinctive red heads but not close enough for a clear image. Continue reading Gang Gang Cockatoos

Lake King

Feb 2016, Rutherglen Caravan & Tourist Park, Rutherglen, Vic Plovers, herons, magpies and mudlarks. Corellas play in the trees, the lake shimmers and changes by the hour. A pelican spends his day perched on a branch. A mismatched family of domestic ducks swim about. There are purple moorhens and white faced coots and every evening the setting sun reflects pink across the water. Continue reading Lake King

Meeting Crocodile Dundee

Winter 2018, Rollingstone, Qld Crocodile Dundee? Well the other day I met our friend ‘S’ struggling up the beach after having walked from Balgal Beach. What’s so special about that you may ask it’s only a kilometre or so. Nobody, but nobody walks to Balgal Beach because there is a crocodile infested creek between it and Rollingstone. Although we can see Balgal Beach fish cafe we have to drive 14kms to get there. I guess we forgot to tell Sue about the crocs. Continue reading Meeting Crocodile Dundee

A Cry in the Night

June 2018 After dinner as we sit outside enjoying the warm Cairns evening a curlew marches up to the caravan fixes us with a beady stare and gives us a serious talking to. Now for anyone who has never heard a curlew, well, it sounds like a cross between an unruly two year old child having a tantrum and a woman being murdered. After a minute of glaring at us and high decibel screaming Mr. Curlew moved on to repeat his performance to the poor folks outside the next caravan. Continue reading A Cry in the Night