Red eyes and sore ears

Dec 2019, Yackandandah, Vic

The cicadas here are extremely loud, I can somehow block them out and relish in the ‘sound of summer’ which reminds me of our last house. Woody, on the other hand is going nuts as the high-pitched sound is playing havoc with his hearing aids. One cicada even finds its way into our caravan.

Red Eye Cicada
This Red Eye wandered inside, briefly

Each morning we’ve been woken by cockies in their hundreds squawking and screeching for about an hour. As the day warms so do the cicadas cranking up their tuneless cacophany. Then the cockies return at the end of the day to boost the noise level to the bloody ridiculous. Our neighbours too, return each afternoon after heaving furniture for a newly moved family and retreat to the cool of their aircon, the motor of which faces us. Woody loses it completely and flatly refuses to wear his hearing aids!

Cicada skins cling to a branch
Empty cicada skin

6 thoughts on “Red eyes and sore ears

  1. Sounds like its so noisy in the mornings, I think it would drive me nuts too. Ear plugs would be my choice but hey do create a certain summertime atmosphere I suppose. As for the neighbours aircon, well thats different.


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