Go West, Day 33 – Augusta

Day 33 Wednesday 8th April 2015 Augusta Hello Muddah, hello Faddah here we are at Camp Augusta…. We wake to thunder and thumping rain and it’s nice to snuggle back into the doona and listen to it. Outside the ducks are paddling about in the puddles. As the weather improves kids ride bikes round and round the park, circle work for the under 10’s. Outside our kitchen window our neighbour is plucking her eyebrows with the aid of a small mirror. This is a large, happy, noisy family park and it is school holidays. People are fishing every inch of … Continue reading Go West, Day 33 – Augusta

You Wouldn’t Get Me in There!

At Augusta in Western Australia’s south west, boys are cleaning fish in the Blackwood River near our van. Lots of fish in fact and they stand up to their knees in water. The Pelicans jostle for fish heads but the action is below the water. The boys reach down and hand feed stingrays and they are huge. All that I can think of is the demise of Steve Irwin. Continue reading You Wouldn’t Get Me in There!

The Waterwheel at Cape Leeuwin

Not far from the Western Australian town of Augusta, at the very south west corner of Australia called Cape Leeuwin, there is an old water wheel that once provided spring water for the Cape Leeuwin light house keepers. It is now calcifying and turning to stone. The water still flows and drips over the waterwheel. The water is sweet. Continue reading The Waterwheel at Cape Leeuwin