You Wouldn’t Get Me in There!

At Augusta in Western Australia’s south west, boys are cleaning fish in the Blackwood River near our van. Lots of fish in fact and they stand up to their knees in water. The Pelicans jostle for fish heads but the action is below the water. The boys reach down and hand feed stingrays and they are huge. All that I can think of is the demise of Steve Irwin.


4 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Get Me in There!

  1. I had never heard of hand-fed stingrays until our trip to Western Australia last year. Hamelin Bay, just north of Augusta is another such place. You just need to go near the water of the pristine white beach, and the eagle rays come right up to you, looking for a feed. It is one of the most amazing experiences, having these wild sea animals take small fish from your hand. I highly recommend it. And it’s free!


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