Mastering Chemical Toilets

2015, somewhere near Cocklebiddy on the Nullarbor Plain Last night we had to operate on our toilet. It appears that the rough Fowlers Bay road dislodged the seal slightly causing it to smell like a urinal at the MCG, on Grand Final Day. Continue reading Mastering Chemical Toilets

Staples to Keep On Board

We rarely leave the bitumen so supplies aren’t such an issue. All around Australia most towns these days have good supermarkets and I’m sure that even if our fridge/freezer broke down we’d still have enough food on board to keep us going for quite some time. Pasta, rice noodles, canned soup (there’s nothing better than soup on those cold wet nights when you are too tired to cook), rice (short grain and Arborio of course because Woody loves his risotto), small cans of tuna for lunches, sandwiches and salads. Tubs of tomato paste and bottles of passata. We always carry … Continue reading Staples to Keep On Board


March 2015 It is a warm morning in Pildappa, South Australia and I’m sitting in a National Park long drop trying hard not to breathe until the day’s work is completed, when an ant bites me! Ouch!! Translation note: Thunderbox = unsewered outdoor toilet, hence ‘long drop’. Campers sometimes remark on how well the rangers have dug the hole as they often listen for the deposit to reach the bottom. Continue reading Thunderboxes

Our Top Ten Free Camps in Victoria

A friend (Yes G, that’s you) recently asked if I would put together a list of our favourite free camps. Here are the ones that we’ve stayed at and that always spring to mind when we think of introducing people to free camping. Before someone says “But what about Nug Nug” Each of these is totally free although there are other temptations to be had at Brown Brothers. Skipworth Reserve, Jamieson I’ve posted several stories about the beauty of this place. Well maintained level sites, good drop toilets, fire pits, friendly birdlife, a gurgling mountain stream and only 4kms from … Continue reading Our Top Ten Free Camps in Victoria