Goulburn Weir

In the Spring it is a pleasant drive through golden canola fields from Nagambie, Vic to the Goulburn Weir. Australia’s Irrigation scheme was the brainchild of later to become Prime Minister Alfred Deakin. Built of large granite blocks the Goulburn Weir was opened in 1891 and was the first ‘diversion structure’ in the scheme. Water from the Goulburn River is diverted from here into the Stuart Murray Canal which flows north to Rushworth and the Waranga Basin. When the weir opened it housed one of the Southern hemisphere’s first hydro-electric schemes which attracted tourists to marvel at the ‘illumination’. A … Continue reading Goulburn Weir

A Bugger of a Life

What sort of life is this when a poor old bugger can’t even lie in bed? The bloody kookaburras set up a racket of laughter at 6:00am. Then the damned black cockies start their shrieking and the whip birds, well I only wish that I could crack a whip like that. Now the sun is shining so fiercely that everyone has to sit outside for breakfast. And speaking of food, some lousy little critter ate the piece of bread that I left on the table last night. I shouldn’t complain ‘cos he saved me from having to put it in … Continue reading A Bugger of a Life

Kenilworth Showgrounds

There is no caravan park in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Kenilworth, Qld, they don’t need one. The showgrounds are huge and well maintained. When we arrive Brian the caretaker is moving his van under the newly renovated house that comes with the job. Given Queenslanders passion for moving buildings hither and thither I wonder where they moved the house from? We are backed up to colourful bromeliad gardens. There are brand new toilets and showers are just a short walk away. Across the street is Jocks and Frocks laundromat. The brightly painted shops of town are busy and … Continue reading Kenilworth Showgrounds