To Great Western, Castlemaine

Day 2 Tuesday 1/2/22, Castlemaine, cooler El Prado races into town to the Lyal Eales store. Any campers visiting Western Victoria could easily find themselves in a campers paradise in these stores which are dotted about the larger towns in this area. His camp chair has broken and he is in need of a part, he returns with the replacement part and a tube of Locktite to keep his nuts in order. We walk across the road to the historic Mill for coffee at Das Kaffeehaus. Instantly we wish we hadn’t already had breakfast as the meals look superb and … Continue reading To Great Western, Castlemaine

Anticlinal Fold

Now there’s a word that doesn’t come into daily use. Woody is used to hitting the brakes when I shout “What the hell is that?” But this bit of rock took us by surprise. We weren’t quite sure what it was but gee we’re glad we saw it. The plaque reads: Anticlinal Fold This fine exhibit was discovered when Lyttleton Street East was constructed in 1874. Saddle reefs occur in similar folds of the sandstones and slates on lower geological horizons. Continue reading Anticlinal Fold

A Caravan Christmas

This morning I finished cleaning the van and hopefully found the last of the tiny pink prawn feelers that hide in grooves and corners just waiting to stink to high heaven. Yep we’re home and ready to go again, when the time and weather is right. With Christmas festivities fulfilled early this year we decided to embark on a Caravan Christmas. Having pleasant but hazy memories of what was to be forever deemed ‘Christmas at Sea’ back in ‘1980 something’ when we tied our trailable yacht to the Paynesville boat ramp jetty and set about cooking and feasting (in a … Continue reading A Caravan Christmas

Warburton’s Bridge

Warburton’s Bridge is a pleasant camp ground tucked into the hills south of Castlemaine, Vic. There are well made concrete fire pits, those good ones with a hot plate that swings over the fire. There is a toilet as well. The first camp sites don’t have a view of the river as it is quite overgrown but it is only a short walk further into the camp ground for a paddle. When we stayed, there was phone reception from the hill behind the toilet. The best access on a good made road is from either Chewton or Guildford. The local … Continue reading Warburton’s Bridge