Pennyweight Flat Children’s Cemetery

Not far from Castlemaine’s Forest Creek Diggings is the Pennyweight Flat Children’s Cemetery. There can be no more stark a reminder of how difficult life would have been for a gold mining family in the nineteenth century than this stark cemetery. Over two hundred children lie buried in tiny graves on a hill of rocky land worthless for mining purposes.

Note how the rocks have been stacked up where the ground has been too rocky to dig a deep grave.

Hundreds of tiny graves, most lost to the ravages of time


Pennyweight Flat Children’s Cemetery



19 thoughts on “Pennyweight Flat Children’s Cemetery

      1. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I used to live on the north-west coast of England in a village where there is a church graveyard with the graves of so many people, many children, who drowned or died in accidents on the rocks, it breaks your heart to read them.


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