Forest Creek Gold Diggings

The Forest Creek Gold Diggings between Castlemaine and Chewton, Vic has an informative walk to help visitors understand how gold was extracted in days gone by. Alluvial gold was first panned in the 1850’s in the creek here before the rush was on to stake eight foot by eight foot claims on surrounding Red Hill and White Hill. Over time methods for water sluicing were developed and the earth of the hills was blasted with crude water cannons. Sophisticated sluicing operations ceased in 1954. The evidence of sluicing can be clearly seen when walking around the area. It is hard to imagine that there were once thousands of people working on this the Mount Alexander goldfield.

More fascinating information on gold mining in this region can be found at

Pipes used for sluicing at Forest Creek
Sluicing equipment. The wooden crate held ballast rocks while the operator directed the flow of water at the cliff face.
If you look closely you can see where the sluicing has exposed old hand dug mine shafts.



9 thoughts on “Forest Creek Gold Diggings

  1. That place is a hidden treasure, isn’t it! So much fantastic old equipment as well as the diggings. Anyone interested in learning about gold mining in the Chewton area should visit these old diggings.


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