Red Dirt, Day 1 – Melbourne to Charlton

Intro We purchased our first caravan upon retirement in 2012 and although we were seasoned campers and trailer sailors we were new to the caravanning caper, which I might add, is a unique combination of both those activities minus the … Continue reading Red Dirt, Day 1 – Melbourne to Charlton

The Friends You Make

We are on our second caravan trip and we have decided to try this free camping caper. We arrive in Charlton to find a ghost town, everything is closed and the locals have all gone off to the Charlton Show. We park in a wide area behind the shops which is signposted as the Travellers Rest. We walk the deserted main street and then set off for the free camp at Teddy Waddy, 8kms north of town. Sadly it’s right on the main road, dusty and very exposed, it’s a bit disappointing, so we return to town and find that … Continue reading The Friends You Make

Charlton Travellers Rest

A favourite spot of ours is the Travellers Rest at Charlton, Vic. It is on the Calder Highway halfway between Melbourne and Mildura and it caters well to tourists. The manager Phil Brock makes everyone welcome. There are camp areas for those requiring power as well as ensuite sites and at the far end of the park there is a donation box area with water available for those free camping. A swing bridge crosses the river and links both areas of the park. Near the bridge there is a small herb garden for campers to use. There’s plenty of parking … Continue reading Charlton Travellers Rest