Charlton Travellers Rest

Charlton Travellers Rest
Charlton Travellers Rest

A favourite spot of ours is the Travellers Rest at Charlton, Vic. It is on the Calder Highway halfway between Melbourne and Mildura and it caters well to tourists. The manager Phil Brock makes everyone welcome. There are camp areas for those requiring power as well as ensuite sites and at the far end of the park there is a donation box area with water available for those free camping. A swing bridge crosses the river and links both areas of the park. Near the bridge there is a small herb garden for campers to use.

There’s plenty of parking shaded by a gnarled old pepper tree for those wanting to just stretch their legs and use the amenities. For the history buffs there’s a storyboard and a picture of the old tree shading the town’s sale yards back in its heyday. Early one morning I notice a dust covered late model VW in the car park. Obviously there’s someone asleep on the back seat as there is a pair of men’s undies on the asphalt by the back door. One hopes that he doesn’t have to make a quick getaway.

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