You can play uke

Day 6, Saturday 11th Jan 2014 Elmore – Girgarre It was a warm night but the breeze through the van was pleasant, so we slept well. We drive about 40kms to Girgarre to find that the whole town (population 191) has been turned into a campground. We check-in at the town hall and pay our fee of $50 per head. This covers Friday dinner, which we have missed, Saturday dinner, Sunday cooked breakfast, all music, and music workshops. In all, it’s damned good value. There is only one post office store in town, oh, and a hardware store, but thankfully … Continue reading You can play uke

Girgarre Moosic Muster

The tiny town of Girgarre in Victoria is situated in an area known for its dairying. Many years ago its Girgarre Butter was a household name in Victoria. But times change and ten years ago Victorian primary industry was crippled by the worst drought in living memory. The residents of Girgarre gathered together to brainstorm a solution to save their town from ruin. Someone suggested a Farmer’s Market and music was also suggested. The market went ahead and some musicians came to perform on hay bales in the park. Turning the clock forward, last weekend 1500 people converged on Girgarre. … Continue reading Girgarre Moosic Muster

Wrinkles and Wristbands

One of the things that is foremost in the minds of retirees has to be healthcare. “Am I risking my health to go to unknown places? Do they have decent hospitals out there?” Don’t rule out travel because of these concerns and when you do go on the road never put off health issues until you get home either. Always play it safe and seek advice. The healthcare facilities throughout Australia are excellent and you will hear many an uplifting story from other travellers who have found themselves in need of assistance in the unlikeliest of places. This morning we were … Continue reading Wrinkles and Wristbands

Gimme That Ole Time Religion

We’re camped at the Girgarre Moosic Muster in the tiny town of Girgarre in Victoria. At 10:00am on Sunday we rush off to gospel singing in the supper room. Our friend Meredith has been rehearsing since yesterday and she is up on stage singing her heart out. Then a group of gospel musicians take to the stage and they lead us through some old standards. The old town hall is positively rocking.  At every mention of God the guitarist rolls her eyes heavenward and the bloke sitting next to Brian punches his fist in the air. Yeehaa! And thus we just … Continue reading Gimme That Ole Time Religion