Should we lobby the government for shorter summer holidays?

One of the strangest things about retiring is getting used to Xmas. We’ve had jobs in the food industry where we worked liked navvies until Xmas eve then fell onto a plane utterly exhausted and arrived in Tassie looking like stunned mullets. Then came jobs where everything eased off the closer that we got to Xmas allowing for big boozy champagne breakfasts and office parties. With both types there was always a huge buildup to the big day. Being retired is somewhat different. It all starts towards the end of November with the Caravan Club Xmas Titanium Knees Up. An … Continue reading Should we lobby the government for shorter summer holidays?

Australia Day at Dromana

As the summer sun burns through the morning mist families play on the beach. Up on a makeshift, truck tray stage a small child from another place gives thanks to a country that has taught her it’s language and now nurtures her on the path to adulthood. The crowd claps and cheers their faces chiselled through the generations from the genes of a hundred races. Sun hats plopped on heads, ice creams, cold drinks and kids lost in a sea of fun. The Sea Scouts raise the flag and on this gentle bayside beach everyone stops what they’re doing to … Continue reading Australia Day at Dromana

Girgarre Moosic Muster

The tiny town of Girgarre in Victoria is situated in an area known for its dairying. Many years ago its Girgarre Butter was a household name in Victoria. But times change and ten years ago Victorian primary industry was crippled by the worst drought in living memory. The residents of Girgarre gathered together to brainstorm a solution to save their town from ruin. Someone suggested a Farmer’s Market and music was also suggested. The market went ahead and some musicians came to perform on hay bales in the park. Turning the clock forward, last weekend 1500 people converged on Girgarre. … Continue reading Girgarre Moosic Muster

Gimme That Ole Time Religion

We’re camped at the Girgarre Moosic Muster in the tiny town of Girgarre in Victoria. At 10:00am on Sunday we rush off to gospel singing in the supper room. Our friend Meredith has been rehearsing since yesterday and she is up on stage singing her heart out. Then a group of gospel musicians take to the stage and they lead us through some old standards. The old town hall is positively rocking.  At every mention of God the guitarist rolls her eyes heavenward and the bloke sitting next to Brian punches his fist in the air. Yeehaa! And thus we just … Continue reading Gimme That Ole Time Religion

Staircase to the Moon

Mindful of the time it’s off to Town Beach in Broome, WA to watch the Staircase to the Moon. We knew that the markets would be on here tonight but had no idea of what an event it would be. Loads of food, art and musicians. There’s even a lady who carves your name on a grain of rice. I wonder why one would want such a thing and if you did you’d be pretty upset if it ended up in Friday night’s risotto, wouldn’t you? Hundreds of people have gathered in this colourful melee and the crowds are edging … Continue reading Staircase to the Moon