Wrinkles and Wristbands

One of the things that is foremost in the minds of retirees has to be healthcare. “Am I risking my health to go to unknown places? Do they have decent hospitals out there?” Don’t rule out travel because of these concerns and when you do go on the road never put off health issues until you get home either. Always play it safe and seek advice.

The healthcare facilities throughout Australia are excellent and you will hear many an uplifting story from other travellers who have found themselves in need of assistance in the unlikeliest of places.

This morning we were on our way from Ayson’s Reserve near Elmore in Victoria to the nearby Girgarre Moosic Muster. I was feeling decidedly odd and had a very tight chest, mind you I still managed to sweep the floor! My recently amended heart medication didn’t seem to be behaving the way it should and my cardiologist was still away on summer holidays.

We dropped the van at Girgarre and headed for the Goulburn Valley Hospital in Shepparton, 38 kms away. Before I could blink I was whisked into a modern well equipped emergency department. Bodily fluids were surrendered, I was X rayed and wired to a heart monitor. Hey look it’s still beating and no I haven’t had a heart attack. After a few hours rest and observation my cardiologist was contacted, dragged away from his holiday reverie I guess, and a plan put in place.

With that we returned to the music festival feeling much relieved and able to concentrate on a different type of rhythm and beat.

This is not our first hospital visit whilst on the road and I doubt it will be our last, but we are always amazed at the quality of care available and assured that our taxes are being put to good use.
Damn they put the Canula in my strumming arm!



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