‘ard of ‘earing

Mar 2019, Bermagui, NSW For days now I’ve had a blocked left ear which is leaving me feeling like a duck with one foot nailed to the floor and wanting to walk in circles. Stone deaf in my left ear has meant that I’ve been sleeping really well but when it came to catching a fly in the caravan I had no idea where the buzzing blighter was. I even missed partaking in a local ukulele festival. By Monday I booked an appointment at the Bermagui medical centre and joined a throng of elderly surfers waiting to be attended to, … Continue reading ‘ard of ‘earing

All I Want For Christmas

Those of you who are old enough may remember that old song from the fifties, “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”…”so I can wish you Merry Chrithmuth”. You know the era. When they had songs like “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”, gee that’d really mess up the living room. Sorry I digress. December in our house has been a twisted version of that, not the hippo. Because all I wanted for Xmas was two new eyes, two new eyes, two new eyes. Lo and behold my cataracts have been removed, my short sightedness repaired and … Continue reading All I Want For Christmas

Drugs and Baby Boomers

An important issue for caravanning seniors is drugs. Before we leave on a long trip we get new prescriptions from our doctor then buy enough medicine to keep us going until we are in a large town or city. As our journey evolves we continue to check our stocks and make sure that we have enough. Woody needs regular blood tests and all that requires is a town large enough to have a pathology centre, they then ring his results through within 24 hours. Though we did meet a guy recently who was so frightened of needles that he plans … Continue reading Drugs and Baby Boomers