‘ard of ‘earing

Mar 2019, Bermagui, NSW

For days now I’ve had a blocked left ear which is leaving me feeling like a duck with one foot nailed to the floor and wanting to walk in circles. Stone deaf in my left ear has meant that I’ve been sleeping really well but when it came to catching a fly in the caravan I had no idea where the buzzing blighter was. I even missed partaking in a local ukulele festival.

By Monday I booked an appointment at the Bermagui medical centre and joined a throng of elderly surfers waiting to be attended to, or should I say to be repaired. Sitting in the waiting room and gazing at large Bermagui seascapes on the walls I notice that I am a tad overdressed. Boy that is a rarity for a caravanner, this place is relaxed! A nice young doctor squirted a few litres of warm water into my ears and voila! The world suddenly became clear again and very loud.

The township of Bermagui

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