Driving tests at sea level

Hastings, Vic, May 2023 A blog post by Jacquie Lambert over at World Wide Walkies where she tells us about getting a heavy vehicle license, and a visit to the Hastings Westernport Historical Society jogged some very old memories this week. Having a few spare minutes before meeting with the ladies at the Historical Society I parked down by the jetty and did a quick rough sketch of the old fish shed that has been lovingly restored. You see, Hastings was a fishing village in the late 19th century and the daily catch was sent, as quickly as possible, up … Continue reading Driving tests at sea level

Just backpacking

Blog chatting the other morning to Derrick over at Derrickjknight.com he commented on our travelling lifestyle. My reply of it being like ‘Backpacking for old farts’ sent my mind reeling. Our diesel heater had decided to stop working after belching out pungent fumes. It was about 6 degrees outside and although we had the electric heater on I was shivering, we were in a town that few have heard of and we only roughly knew where we were headed for the day. My reeling mind spun back to a much younger self humping a heavy canvas backpack down a deserted … Continue reading Just backpacking

Life at Camp Corona

Well another week or two has passed. We’re losing track of the days and dates and please forgive us if we stand with heads bowed on our driveway commemorating ANZAC day on the wrong day. We went into isolation about 4 weeks ago when we returned from our somewhat failed Empty Esky trip. I’m thankful now that the last non-medical person I came into contact with, was my hairdresser. Woody on the other hand, is resigned to growing his hair long for the last time. As he reckons there’ll be little left when next it is cut. And speaking of … Continue reading Life at Camp Corona

Bloggers Bash Awards 2019

A big thank you to the very kind reader who has nominated my blog for the Bloggers Bash Awards of 2019 Best Travel Blog. Is it a travel blog or the memoir of a misguided meanderer? That I can’t say. I do subscribe to the theory that only dementia can steal your travel memories. So, if the unthinkable happens, I’ll at least be able to enjoy reading the travels of someone of whom I don’t know. Continue reading Bloggers Bash Awards 2019

All I Want For Christmas

Those of you who are old enough may remember that old song from the fifties, “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth”…”so I can wish you Merry Chrithmuth”. You know the era. When they had songs like “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”, gee that’d really mess up the living room. Sorry I digress. December in our house has been a twisted version of that, not the hippo. Because all I wanted for Xmas was two new eyes, two new eyes, two new eyes. Lo and behold my cataracts have been removed, my short sightedness repaired and … Continue reading All I Want For Christmas

Time for a break

Dear readers after 396 posts and a year of blogging I think it is time for a short break. I fell into this world of blogging quite by accident and like Alice in Wonderland I have become quite captivated by all that it encapsulates. Blogging has forced me to write more, photograph even more and share my view of Australia through the eyes of a grey nomad. Being a traveller I feel that I’ve had an insight into your lives in many corners of this amazing planet. I feel that I have come to know some of you even though … Continue reading Time for a break

To my 100 Followers …A very big THANK YOU

When I started this blog back in October last year I never would have dreamt that I’d be writing this post. In my University of the Third Age (U3A) creative writing class my teacher had shouted “will you get a damned publisher!” Actually I think that the language was a little stronger than that. Anyway I thought oh dear I better do something about this and decided to make the jump into public blogging just to see if anyone really did want to read my musings. Now here we are 158 posts later, I started with a daily post challenge … Continue reading To my 100 Followers …A very big THANK YOU