Capricorn Dancers, Day 45 – Rocky & Crackling

Day 45 Saturday 10/7/21 Tannum Sands to Rockhampton, sunny 22 We’ve been unpowered for a week now and Woody is worried about the health of our batteries. We detour to Gladstone Aldi to buy a small solar powered gadget charger as an extra, or is that an excuse to check this week’s Aldi centre aisle specials? On a more personal front I’ve been bitten on the head and bum by midges. How they can bite through thick denim has me beaten. So much for my theory of rugging up in long clothes at happy hour. Exiting Gladstone, the MIL engine … Continue reading Capricorn Dancers, Day 45 – Rocky & Crackling

And the answer is?

There’s a trivia game along the Bruce Highway that’s intended to keep people alert, it is great fun. There are several billboards with a Question followed by the Answer a few kilometres further on. “Rockhampton is famous for?”  We still don’t know what, we missed the answer. Can someone please tell me? And while we’re guessing can anyone tell me what the structure is above this laneway in Rockhampton? Continue reading And the answer is?