Capricorn Dancers, Day 57 – A lazy chardy

Day 57 Thursday 22/7/21 Mulambin, sunny cool 18

A cold early morning of about 5 degrees here. Up on the Darling Downs it was a chilly minus 4, the coldest in 20 years so we can’t complain.

With El Prado behind the wheel we take the Emu Park road to Rocky (Rockhampton to you) and while stocking up on grog supplies at Dan Murphy’s (Uncle Dan’s to most caravanners) El Prado spots a truck loaded with pineapples in the car park. He can’t help himself, he has to ask the question and after a bit of a chat we buy some of the biggest sweetest pineapples. Pina Colada anyone?

After the shopping we have lunch at Boathouse down on the river. Warm sun streams through the window. The view is mesmerizing. An eagle soars high above the river, yachts are at anchor and cheeky blue faced honeyeaters nab pickings from the tables on the open air deck. The meal is delicious and a bottle of D’Arenberg chardonnay causes us to forget the perishables in the car as we wander along Quay Street admiring the buildings.

Wearily, we forgo happy hour and fall into the van. The evening chill drops early and we throw healthy eating to the wind. Woody bought calamari rings and Mac n Cheese thingies at Aldi. The bloody air fryer cooks them to perfection, of course it does. This thing is going to ruin our figures.

This park is very busy and full most nights. It’s fascinating just watching the activity as little ‘homes’ are set up and dismantled again a day or so later. It seems that everyone is in a hurry this year and our neighbours change constantly.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Note: Is it any wonder that we like the Capricorn Coast? Stunning coastal views with a laid back feel and Aldi and Dan Murphy just a short drive away. What more could a Grey Nomad ask for? Camping shops you say? Yes, Rocky has those too!

11 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 57 – A lazy chardy

  1. You don’t seem to be suffering any pain, it sounds like the place to be. One place you don’t want to be is in Victoria, I have been able to suffer the other lock downs but having trouble with this one as days draw closer to cancelling another caravan trip.


    1. Hang in there John. Our little caravan club has cancelled more musters than we’ve been on since Covid arrived. But, I do think there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’re home again now and doing our best to suck all of that red dirt out of the crevices! Where are you hoping to go?


      1. Originally was headed through central NSW but my Wife was worried about getting trapped there, so cancelled all those parks I had booked and re booked in Vic, down to Warnambool for a week, across to Horsham 5days then to Ballarat for 5 days then back home to the Mornington Peninsula, not a big trip because you don’t what’s going to happen.


      2. Your wife is a wise woman indeed! I feel for the caravanners stuck in NSW at present. Fingers crossed for the Vic leg and what a lovely part of the world we live in. I was standing on the beach this week, the sun was sparkling on the water, Melbourne looked like toothpicks on the horizon and although it’s lockdown I thought it’s a pretty nice place to call home.


  2. Oh My, you’re sucking out the red dirt too. You’ll need to come to SA sometime so you can sit in “the Cube” and drink some D’Arenberg Chardonnnay where it’s grown.


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